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Boys on their boyhood

During school workshops boys are provided with the opportunity to talk about what it is like being a modern boy. The boys are quite open to share some of their thoughts about boyhood. The boys are wonderfully articulate and honest when they describe their experiences and perceptions about being a boy, boy-like feelings, some of the great things and not-so-great things about being a boy.


The hardest thing about being a boy now is being able to be yourself with mum and dad and having to be someone else with your friends or when you are away from home.

12 year old boy from the Gold Coast, Queensland

What do boys like?

Sport, money, fast cars, food, girls and their friends, horror, violence, movies, X-box, TV, games, friends, sport, surfing, music, motor bikes, video games, soft drinks, computers, comedy, clothing, games, playing with our friends,the phone, magazines

How do boys think and make sense of their world?

By being themselves, through their family, with their friends, with the help of TV, through their surroundings, by not letting my world affect or hurt me, by running head on into my world, by speaking with families and friends, by learning from our mistakes and thinking about our future.

What is important to us?

Family, money, mates, life, our pets and dogs,

How do boys act?

Silly, funny, tough, competitively, we like to show off, we act the way we think, when with friends we show off and are silly, we can be selfish and self-centred, we act the way we feel.

What are things that help us being boys?

We can run from our problems, our fists, we can attack and defend,

What are things that get boys into trouble?

Doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, we don't think properly, fighting.

Special thanks to Sam, Nick, Thomas, Jason, Nick, Cameron, Dylan, Joel, Jake, Sam, Tom, Peter, Kyle, Sam, Brendan, Rhys, Max, Mitchell, Laurence, Louis, Joel, Richard.

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